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Below you will find the steps required for both Seller, Buyer & Broker to complete a Transaction.


Step 1

Sign the EBA (Exclusive Broker Agreement)

Step 2

Point the Domain to a DNPost landing page

Step 3

Transfer Domain from your Registrar Account to our Brokerage Trust Holding Registrar Account


*Note: Please Do Not Do Step 3, unless we request and assist you. The reason is, your account could be locked by your Registrar for 60 days, if you make certain material changes.

However, you can Point / Forward your domain to open up on the landing page we provided without your account being locked. 


Step 1

Make Payment to Brokerage Trust Holding Cash Account



Step 1

1) Confirm Domain is in Secured Brokerage Trust Holding Registrar Account

2) Confirm Funds are in Brokerage Trust Holding Cash Account

3) Transfer Domain to Buyer & Confirm Domain is in the Buyer's Registrar Account

4) Release Funds to Seller


Q: How to confirm the domain owner and that it's for sale? 

A: The domain owner will have to prove ownership by logging into their registrar account and point the domain name to a DNPost landing page. In most cases Premium Domain Names will be required to be held in a Brokerage Trust Holding Account with the same current Registrar. 

Q: Why do I have to transfer my domain name to the Brokerage Trust Holding Registrar Account?

Q: Why do I have to send my funds to the Brokerage Trust Cash Bank Account?

A: This is the safest way to protect both seller and buyer. This is the fastest way to complete a safe transaction with no additional fees. If we are on any end of the deal, we can use a 3rd party Escrow service.

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