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This Page is For the CEO & C-Level Management

*** A Message From Our CEO

1) Companies With Domains Not In Use. Would Like to Sell.

2) Company Merger. Don't need 2 Domains. Would Like to Sell One.

3) Company going out of business. Has Premium Domain To Sell.

4) Company just wants to Free Up Cash Flow. Would like to Sell a Domain.

Have Us Broker Your Domain OR Have Us Buy Your Domain

Protect Your Brand Like, Colgate Palmolive,

Companies With Domains Not In Use

There are times when a company is sitting on a domain name they no longer have a use for. Could be from a merger or acquisition. In most cases they want to sell the domain to free up cash flow.

A Domain Broker can assist in the selling of a premium domain name. In most cases the Domain Broker is retained to help sell the domain. This can take several weeks, months to complete.

In other cases the company just wants to liquidate the asset quickly and move on. Regardless of the situation, we can help you sell the domain. We have the funds to quickly close a deal if a quick closing is required or we can broker the domain - You Decide!

It takes 1 minute to fill out this Form or Contact our CEO Gerard Michael

Have Us Broker Your Domain        Have Us Buy Your Domain

Protect Your Brand

Top CEOs Know To
Protect Their Brands

Acquire a Domain Name that's Already Been Taken.

*** A Message From Our CEO

1) Companies That Bought the .COM For Their Services or Products.

2) Colgate Palmolive Company. See What They Are Doing!

3) Inc. See How They Protect Themselves.

4)  Smart Upgrades like Going to

5) PetSmart, Calvin Klein, Tesla, Google.

Need Help With Brand Protection? Contact Us...

It's not Too Late To Dominate Your Industry

Companies Like Colgate Palmolive & Own Multiple .com Domains To Protect their Brands, Services and Products. Should You?

Colgate Palmolive

Colgate Palmolive owns:,,,,, Plus Many More...

* It's important to note that their competitor P & G (Procter Gamble) owns among many more. owns:,,,,, Plus Many More... owns:,,,,

Plus 725 other domain names.

(We sent the following email to PetSmart's CEO. "You have done a nice job but, you missed acquiring Kindly consider contacting us to go over your current domain holdings and strategy moving forward.") rebranded to There are 600 million Cats and 700 million dogs worldwide. This is a Premium Domain Name.

4 More Smart CEO's owns: & owns: & owns: & & owns: &

Other Companies Secured The .com for their business in an Upgrade now owns went to went to


Other Companies See The Value Of a Shorter More Memorable .com went To: went To went To

Companies That ReBrand went to went to

Hotels Reservations Network went to

AND Google?

They Originally called their search engine BackRub. Now called

Our Broker Service Can Help You. Give Us A Call.

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