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What Type Of Domain Investor Are You?

All Domain Investors are Awesome, but some are less common than others.

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Domain Brokers FAQ

What Does A Domain Broker Do?

A domain broker's role is to facilitate the sale of domain names at prices that reflect their market value. Different domain names have different market values, which means some will be more profitable than others. The Domain Broker has the expertise to make sure the transaction goes smoothly, that the Domain Name transfers securely and provides identity protection.

Domain Brokers Answer Your Questions

Are Domain Brokers Worth It?

When people ask, “Should I use a domain broker?”, the answer is an emphatic yes. There are many reasons that the services of a domain broker are well worth the cost.

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How Much Do Domain Brokers Cost?

A buyer broker will typically charge 15%-20% of the sales price. This reflects the expertise they bring to the table, their network and systems of finding end users or buyers. (Domain Brokers typically only charge for completed transactions, but some offer different models.)

An Example of this: GoDaddy charges $90 upfront and 20% Commission.

Here at DNPost Domain Brokers, there are no upfront fees for us to Broker Your Domain Name. Our fee is 15% on completed sales.

Why a Domain Broker Service

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