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RSS Feed Policy
Co-Founder | DNPost

This Outlines our Policy on RSS Feeds allows certain news feeds from third party sources to be read on the DNPost platform. From time to time we will add and subtract certain feeds to comply with our site's values and membership. At this time there is no cost to add your news feed to However, starting in mid 2021 all content providers will be required to pay a Subscription Fee of @200 Monthly. Our Goal by then is to only have The Very Best Content. Quality over Quantity.

Feed Content Display Domain News on The DNPost Platform is organized as follows:

We hand pick Domain News Items and display them by the value of the content and how it sits & looks. Some Domain Bloggers have not set up their RSS properly. If there are no pictures in a post, too large of fonts being used or not a proper title & description, then A) we may not use the post or blogger's content or B) we will add a standard "Domain News" image and the post will be pushed down the feed 25-100 positions. It is up to each blogger to provide good content!


Understanding RSS: Third party news providers, bloggers & content providers can control how much they allow to be posted on sites like Through their RSS feed settings these content providers can manage how much of their articles are distributed. In most cases 140 characters of an article are shown with a link to the authors site. {this seems to be the norm}


* To Be Clear: can only show what a content provider provides. At no time can / will control the content or how much is shown. This is controlled by the provider's RSS settings or setup. Therefore some of the RSS News Articles may only show a teaser text of 140 characters with a link to the author's site. Other article threads may show the entire article through {providing the content provider offers this} may not {does not} agree with all content from RSS feeds. reserves the right to remove, stop or ban such providers that do not provide good content without notice or reimbursement. If a content provider wishes to stop their RSS feed from being shown through or other third parties, they will need to stop their RSS feed or change their settings.


A content provider may be shown on the platform as a "Blogger RSS Feed" and not as a "Member" of


Legal Stuff: Content providers  that offer RSS feeds must understand that they are allowing and wanting their content to be displayed & read by others. If you do not want this, then do not offer a RSS Feed!

Users displaying / reading such content from these feeds are in no way violating any copyright laws because they are not copying anything. The content provider has agreed to its distribution and feed. If the content provider did not want his/her content to be distributed he/she would not have set up the RSS feed in the first place. The creator of the content in a news feed controls what and how much content is to be distributed. Tags: Domain News | DNPost News!

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