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What Type of Domain Investor Are You

Domain Investors Bill Gates.jpeg

You Are Very Much like Bill Gates.

You Are successful, compassionate and a visionary.


One who is a forward thinker, highly respected, intelligent and driven. You invest in domain names that make sense. Won't necessarily take on risk and will investigate before buying any domain name regardless of price.


You are more than capable of making a complex deal look simple and unlike others you keep to your word! Like Bill, you work well in a Team(s) setting and Linked In to what's Trending. While others are in the Cloud dreaming 365.

Domain Investors Bill Gates copy.png

You Are Very Much Like Elon Musk.


Like Elon, you are a creative thinker, passionate about what you believe in.


You have an unconventional approach to business and Domaining, that makes you push the boundaries. You set High Goals and think differently than most.


This is strange for others but not for you. You can wheel and deal to get the outcomes you want. You enjoy risk as long as there is a high reward. You are a Top Level Domainer that makes all others Spacey & Boring. Off to the Moon, then Mars!

Domain Investors Warren Buffett.jpeg

You Are Very Much Like Warren Buffett.


Smart, Reserved, Risk not needed to be taken, but will strike and close a sweet deal.


Your Conservative approach sets you up for incremental success. Being straight forward but yet folksy, you live a life of integrity and ethics.


Like Warren, you are smart, humble, down to earth and will close more domain sales in the higher price ranges. People like dealing with you and you are fair with your deal making. This is why, you will continue to make good deals that close on time! Now go have a Coke, Apple or pet your GEICO.

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