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What Type Of Domain Investor Are You?

All Domain Investors are Awesome, but some are less common than others.

Take the 10 question quiz to find out what type you are.

How Much Do Domain Brokers Make?

Not an easy question to answer. Depends on how big the domain brokerage is and what type of sales they do. It's safe to say that the top domain brokers in this industry can make a good living at it, providing they are very good at closing sales with the right end users!

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Yes! Domain Brokers Worth It

When people ask, “Should I use a domain broker?” the answer is an 100% yes. There are many reasons that the services of a domain broker are well worth the cost. Give DNPost Domain Brokers a call, We would be happy to explain all the benefits!

How Much Do Domain Brokers Cost?

A Domain Broker - buyer broker will typically charge 15%-20% of the sales price. This reflects the expertise they bring to the table, their network and systems of finding end users or buyers. (Domain Brokers typically only charge for completed transactions, but some offer different models.)

Top Domain Brokers are Worth having on your Team

An Example of this: GoDaddy charges $90 upfront and 20% Commission.

Here at DNPost Domain Brokers, there are no upfront fees for us to Broker Your Domain Name. Our fee is 15% on completed sales.

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