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Court Decision Returned to Estate of Uzi Nissan - April 2024

Updated: May 14

Uzi Nissan
Uzi Nissan and family

The story of takes a dramatic turn with recent developments, shedding light on the intricate legal battles and the ultimate triumph of justice. The domain, once belonging to Uzi Nissan's computer company, was unjustly taken (stolen) from his estate following his tragic passing due to COVID-19 in 2020. However, the winds of change have swept through the digital realm, bringing forth a long-awaited resolution.

DNPost's Gerard Michael, having previously supported the late Uzi Nissan's legal endeavors, was extremely happy to hear the news. Now, after years of relentless pursuit, justice has been served. The United States Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has issued a resounding verdict, ordering Verisign Inc. to return the domain to the rightful owners—the estate of Uzi Nissan. Signed on April 16th, 2024, this ruling marks a significant milestone in the ongoing saga of

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From the DNPost Archive:

The saga of In the vast digital landscape of the internet, battles are not always fought with swords and shields, but sometimes with keyboards and legal documents. One such saga unfolded around the domain name, pitting a global automotive giant against an individual entrepreneur.

This story is not just about the clash of trademarks and internet rights; it's a narrative that delves into the complexities of online identity, brand recognition, and the quest for digital real estate.

The domain name predates the establishment of Nissan Motor Corporation by many years. It was registered in 1994 by a small computer company named Nissan Computer Corporation, owned by Uzi Nissan. At that time, the internet was still in its infancy, and the concept of brand-based domains wasn't as prevalent as it is today.

Nissan Computer Corporation, based in North Carolina, was using the domain for its computer sales and repair business. The company's owner, Uzi Nissan, had no connection to the automotive industry. However, as the internet grew and the automotive giant Nissan Motor Corporation expanded its global presence, the domain name became increasingly valuable. lawsuit
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The Legal Battle Begins As Nissan Motor Corporation sought to establish its online presence, it faced a significant hurdle—the domain name was already in use by Uzi Nissan's computer company. Thus began a legal battle that would span over a decade.

Nissan Motor Corporation initiated legal proceedings against Nissan Computer Corporation, claiming trademark infringement and cybersquatting. The case was complex, intertwining issues of trademark law, corporate identity, and the rights of individual domain owners.

David vs. Goliath On one side stood Nissan Motor Corporation, a multinational automotive manufacturer with vast resources and a global brand to protect. On the other side stood Uzi Nissan, a small business owner who registered the domain name first and had been using it legitimately for his computer business.

Despite the vast difference in resources, Uzi Nissan refused to back down. He argued that he had the right to use his own name for his business and that he was not attempting to profit unfairly from Nissan Motor Corporation's brand.

The Verdict and Beyond After years of legal battles and appeals, the case finally reached a resolution. In 2007, a U.S. federal judge ruled in favor of Uzi Nissan, stating that he had the right to use the domain name for his legitimate business activities. The court found no evidence of bad faith or intent to profit from Nissan Motor Corporation's trademark.

With the recent court order to return the domain to the estate of Uzi Nissan, justice has been restored. This victory stands as a testament to the resilience of individuals against corporate giants and the importance of safeguarding digital rights in an ever-evolving online landscape. The saga of serves as a reminder that behind every domain name lies a story, and sometimes, justice prevails in the face of adversity. Visit: Gerard Michael


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