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I'm Private | So Why Blog Now?

With no Social Media accounts like #FaceBook, #Twitter, #Instagram - you get the idea! Why show my face and Blog Now? Well, It took me months of wavering back and forth as I value my TIME & PRIVACY more than anything. There sure were more reasons not to blog than to blog. Plus there are many good #DomainBloggers out there that need to make a living at it (I don't).

So who am I and why did I go against the many reasons why I should keep my Privacy & Time to myself and not share it with you? Well, before I rant about that.. Let me first tell you that I probably will not be your typical #DomainBlogger. I don't follow protocol very well and will have my own writing style that you may like or may not. It's called "Tell It Like It Is". I'll say what I want and if it takes a life of it's own - so be it!

Ok, now back to me. I've been called many names in my life - but I seem to like my given name best Gerard Michael. So we'll use that here. No longer private now - but why?

Less then two years ago I was diagnosed (is that a word?) with Pelvic Kidney Cancer that was close to one of my arteries. It was a kick in the gut finding out and it changed my thinking about LIFE, TIME and well ME!

I lost weight, became depressed (i think that's enough) and went quiet! Had Surgery in Dec 2019 and I'm still waiting for an MRI & final results (Thanks #Covid19). Then in March 2020 got #Covid19 (HATE COVID!). Had chills, lost smell, taste and breathing went shallow for a couple weeks. Did not fully recover till late May! Was not fun but can now say "I Beat Covid-19" (should I buy the T-Shirt?) or shall we now call it #Covid20?

So here we are..... I'm writing and your reading. Hopefully your not feeling sorry for me - cause many people are waiting for Chemo or a hospital bed thanks to #Covid20. My heart goes out to them and the many people who work in our hospitals helping others!

So there you have it. You know a little more about me and should be able to figure out why i'm now blogging. This blog will be about the #DomainIndustry #DomainNews #PremiumDomains #DomainBrokers #DomainTips and about #Life. In fact you might gain more from my off topic posts than from the #Domaining ones. Stay Tuned! I plan to tell you why I bought a Tesla Model 3 in the weeks ahead. Plus - if you like video - then you came to the right #DomainBlog! BTW, I'm on Linked-in now. So much for Privacy, eh?

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