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There's a Lot of Self-Promotion in the Domain Industry!

First off - That's Not Me Holding That Sign "I am Great".

Next, prepare yourself for a longer post - cause i'm using dictation software now!

As a Senior #DomainBroker I'm on the phone quite a bit each day. Who am I talking with? Mainly #DomainInvestors, our clients and C level management. Sometimes I'm talking to trustees, lawyers, accountants and other professionals. One topic that comes up every day is How There's a Distrust in the Industry. Listening, I hear the stories of their experiences with others in this space and how so many in this industry are self-promoting themselves daily! They also question - if all these reported sales numbers could be true?

Yesterday, I had two calls from a couple older #DomainInvestors that had similar stories. (but, I have heard these before. Actually I hear them weekly). #BuyingDomains in the late 90s Early 2000s They built huge #DomainPortfolios. In fact their yearly registration fees are anywhere from $70-$100,000. Listening to them - it was apparent that they were highly intelligent people.


Before they had finished three sentences, I knew exactly where they had went wrong & what their challenges are today.

Quite frankly, They didn't see from the beginning what they see now. Back then they probably thought these #Domains would sell themselves. Like so many today - just throw up a Landing Page and Hope (Pray) for a visitor to land. They clearly did not have an exit plan!

Let's speed this up! They now have a humongous task of selling thousands of #DomainNames or continue to hand over $100K in yearly Registration Fees to #GoDaddy.

Yes, they are in a pickle and have some hard decisions to make. Neither one expected me to work for free but they also did not want to pay our upfront #BrokerFees. I get that and I understand the Distrust in the Industry.

But if your prepared to sit on your #Domains and pay GoDaddy 100K yearly (for what?) - Why not hire a #DomainBroker you can Trust and use this same $100K as an investment towards selling your #Domains and - start to bring money in - rather than throw another 100K away in Registration fees?

Call around and speak with a few #DomainBrokers and see how they do things. Do they have a system you can leverage? or is it back to the static landing page? Anyways - I offered to buy a part of each portfolio (yes, I picked the best ones) and offered a 2nd option that might work for them and we'll see if they call back.

And... Yes there's a lot of self-promotion going on in the #DomainIndustry from what I call a bunch of CLOWNS. But, there are also some very good Brokers. AND... Let's face it - it's no-one else's fault but your own for the position you find yourself in today.

For one of these #DomainInvestors - 20 years of paying #Godaddy has cost him over $1.6 million in registration fees. These are smart people! They really are! But, they are running profitable businesses and have no time or experience to be selling #DomainNames. They clearly need to sell their portfolios, cut them down or get in with a Good #DomainBroker that has a system that can help them.

So this post was to be about - all the self-promotion in the #DomainIndustry and took a turn down another lane. Should I end with self-promoting DNPost Brokerage and our back office systems? NA, I'll save it for another post about Skip Tracing and How I Found Someone In The Witness Protection Program.

So why did I write such a long post? I didn't. I used dictation software for the first time. So if you catch the poor grammar or spelling errors - Don't Blame Me!

New Post: Skip Tracing and The Witness Protection Program

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