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20 Domain Investor Mistakes

1) They buy garbage! (because that's all they can afford)

2) Don't know the real value of a #PremiumDomain (usually over/under pays/sells)

3) Buys a #DomainName they can't resell! (therefore not understanding the investment)

4) Falling in Love with a domain that no one else loves (fall fast - dump it!)

5) Buying too many #Domains and losing focus (hey, registration fees add up!)

6) Buy a few #Domains, throw up a landing page & hope for the best! (zzzzzz)

7) Think they are smart & got a deal. But are dumb and just got taken!

8) Now call themselves a #DomainBroker but have no website, phone # or real business

9) Try to sell their domains themselves. (a third party #DomainBroker is the best way!)

10) Thinking emailing campaigns will sell the #Domain (junk! not enough)

11) Not willing to learn-grow & think they know best! (i see this with ppl picking stocks to)

12) Not understanding TIME, MONEY or People! (i could go on more - but space is limited)

13) Thinking the cost of a #DomainBroker is expensive and yet their #Domain is still for sale!

14) Wasting time on #DomainDropCatch and #DomainAuctions (Remember TIME?)

15) Using #Estibot to valuate their #Domains (but hey - it's entertaining)

16) Never pick up the Phone. Have no confidence or can't hold a conversation.

17) Not understanding what rejection really means (I love when this happens - tells me a lot)

18) Following other so called #DomainExperts (I'll be nice today & not call out others - yet!)

19) Investing in #DomainNames in the first place (go buy pot stocks and lose there!)

20) Not coming back to #DNPost to get the next 20 reasons (read my blog, it's FREE)

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