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Why Do Some Domain Brokers Boast Of Sales & How They Do it?

Well, Let's get right to it!

I've been an entrepreneur most of my life and have never had the urge to share with others how I do things. Why would I want my competitors to know what we do or how we do it?

Have people forgotten the value of Trade Secrets?

Heck I Use #HideMyAss most days when surfing the internet or sending emails. Why? Because I don't want others tracking me or to know what I'm doing. It's no-ones business but mine! So Buzz off!

And Other Domain Brokers?

Have you seen these other #DomainBrokers boast about selling a #DomainName for 7 figures and how they did it? I don't mind the reported sale but explaining what they did and how they made the sale is dumb! I shake my head every time.

Why, would a smart #DomainBroker want to give away his Trade Secrets? Why would they want to invite more competition?

Not only is it dumb - but it has shown that they are limited on what they use & do in finding an end user. Here at #DNPostBrokerage we have a 16 step system to finding end users - but I'm not about to tell you or my competitors what they are. Most others seem to have 5 steps. Well maybe 4 now that Data.com has been retired!

Now go fix your email. Turn off automatic download of images. If not, then every time you open an email or forward one - you could be tracked. Get a VPN like #HideMyAss and become private! || Be Active: Follow on Linked-in DNPost Brokerage

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