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FREE Premium Domain Name Appraisal ($349 value)

Ever wonder How much your Domain Name is Worth? Get a FREE Domain Name Appraisal Today!

Should I Use A Domain Brokers Service?

We think so! At Domain Brokerage we Buy, Sell, Broker Domains. Our aftermarket Domains Buy, Sell program is what we do best! Give us a call, contact us to learn more. A Domain Brokers Service offers you the chance to get your domain sold at the right price. Don't leave too much on the table or continue to sit on your domains waiting for a sale. Hire a domain brokers service that specializes in get the domain sale done right!

Should you use a domain broker?  Yes. There are many reasons that the services of a domain broker are well worth the cost. Give DNPost Domain Brokers a call, We would be happy to explain all the benefits!

A Domain Broker - buyer broker will typically charge 15%-20% of the sales price. This reflects the expertise they bring to the table, their network and systems of finding end users or buyers. (Domain Brokers typically only charge for completed transactions, but some offer different models.)

An Example of this: GoDaddy charges $90 upfront and 20% Commission.

Here at DNPost Domain Brokers, there are no upfront fees for us to Broker Your Domain Name. Our fee is 15% on completed sales.
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