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10 Domain Blogger Mistakes!

1) Post more than once a day (Geesh! no-one visits your site three times a day!)

2) Only report what you think is news (maybe you read your own posts more than us?)

3) Not personable - stuck in mud! (um, is your personality showing?)

4) Think they are a #DomainExpert (who says you are? Right - you say you are!)

5) #DomainBlogging to make money - a living. (remember when you started?)

6) Have too many advertisements (clutter and way too busy! my eyes are stuck!)

7) Content. Where is it? (70% not worth reading)

8) Where's your picture, phone #, Address? (are you a real person?)

9) Too busy trying to fit in! (become a leader - not a follower!)

10) Don't know what your readers want to read! (well, you want an audience right?)

* There you have it.... and it did not cost you any consulting fees! Now - go fix your blog!

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