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Booking Got a Trademark for their .com Domain

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

WOW! This Supreme Court decision just changed the #DomainIndustry. Are you prepared? Do you understand what this means? Well, If you have not heard - The Supreme Court of The United States Approved The TradeMark Application for BOOKING.COM or in other words they just ruled that a generic word combined with ".com" can create a Federally Protected TradeMark! (that was a mouthful!)

Here is the complete 8-1 decision:

So What Happen Next?

Well, It didn't take very long (actually the very next day) When Thousands of other businesses flooded the PTO (Patent and Trademark Office) seeking to Register their generic .coms (dot coms). Names like: | | - just to mention a few. Heck, we are looking over our #DomainPortfolios as I write!

Is the PTO's Loss - Really a Loss for them? Did Big Business Really Win? My answers Are No! & Yes. What's Yours?

And...... What about Can they now get a TradeMark? mmm. Well, looks like they applied in 2008 and cancelled in late 2016 (They were actually Rejected). So, can they try again? YES! Will they be successful? I SAY NO! (Sorry Here's Why: They're not unique enough. There are just Too Many other Companies & Websites with the word "Hotel & Hotels".

However - I have been wrong before! Remember

Final Note: This was not an easy blog post for me. I have had conversations with both & at the Highest Levels - over the FaceBook Page we Control But true to who I am & as promised I will "TELL IT LIKE IT IS".

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