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From BackRub to A Journey Through Google's Name Evolution and Domain Acquisition

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

In the vast landscape of the internet, few names evoke as much recognition and influence as Google. However, Google's beginnings were rather humble, with the search engine first known as BackRub. This article delves into the captivating history of Google's name transformation and unveils the intriguing tale behind the acquisition of its iconic domain name,

The BackRub Era: Inception of a Vision

In 1996, two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, embarked on a mission to create a more efficient and organized method of searching the rapidly growing internet. Their innovative algorithm, PageRank, analyzed web links to determine the importance of websites, revolutionizing the search engine landscape. The duo initially referred to their project as "BackRub," a name inspired by the focus on backlinks.

The Birth of Google: A Play on Words (BackRub to Google)

As BackRub gained momentum, Page and Brin realized that their search engine needed a name that better encapsulated its expanding scope and ambition. After brainstorming several ideas, they settled on "Google," a play on the word "googol," which represents the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. This choice reflected their mission to organize and make sense of the enormous amount of information available online.

The Transition to An Ingenious Move (No More BackRubs)

With the new name in place, Page and Brin recognized the importance of securing a domain name that matched their rebranded identity. In 1997, they registered the domain name, a decision that would shape the future of the company and the entire digital landscape. However, the intriguing part lies not just in the acquisition but the cost associated with it.

The Remarkable Price Tag $12

Contrary to popular belief, Larry Page and Sergey Brin did not pay an exorbitant amount for the domain In fact, they managed to secure the domain for a mere $12. The circumstances surrounding this acquisition are a testament to both resourcefulness and serendipity. was initially owned by a company named Network Solutions. During the early days of domain registration, the process was relatively unregulated. One day, Page and Brin noticed that the domain had expired and was available for purchase. To their delight, they discovered that they could register the domain for a standard registration fee of $12.


The transformation of BackRub into is not just a tale of a name change; it's a narrative that encapsulates the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and foresight that propelled Google to become a global tech giant. The transition from a seemingly unconventional moniker to a name as ubiquitous as "Google" is a testament to Larry Page and Sergey Brin's ability to see beyond the present and anticipate the future.

Furthermore, the acquisition of the domain for a meager $12 showcases the unpredictable nature of the early internet landscape. It's a charming reminder that even in the world of technology giants, humble beginnings and clever decisions can lead to monumental success. Google's journey, from BackRub to, serves as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and a reminder that the most iconic tales often start with modest steps. The BEST Domain Brokers

From BackRub to Google!
From BackRub to Google!


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