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Wall Street Bets - SOLD!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Wall Street Bets - SOLD!
Wall Street Bets - SOLD!

With all the media attention around meme stocks and #WallStreetBets on Reddit, I decided to see who owned the dot com and see if I could purchase the domain. This was not going to be for a resale. I wanted to develop it. I had a real interest in purchasing

So I located and contacted the owner (in about 20 minutes)

and made my first offer $15K. The owner / Lady was very nice and from Poland. She claimed that she had a few offers and that it would sell in a few days - and that my offer was low, but thanked me for my offer.

We got along very well and I must add she was one of the nicest people I have ever dealt with in the #DomainIndustry.

I immediately upped my offer to 50K and thanked her for her time.

Three days had passed and I did not hear back from her. * This is not a good sign for me.


During these three days of WAIT - I realized that the domain was worth much more. So I emailed yet again and asked if she would let me know what the highest offer was and to give me a chance to beat it! Again, I did not hear back.

At this point I was prepared to pay 100K for the domain and that this would be the top end of what I valued the domain name to be worth. After all, to develop it properly would have required another 100K plus.

She did finally connect with me and said the domain had sold for 6 figures.

I told her - that she did great with the sale and thanked her for the opportunity to do business with her.

Today, I am fine with losing out on this domain purchase. I would not have gone higher than 100K - and that was pushing it for a 3 word .com. I do love this domain name and if the current owners flop - I would be interested in purchasing it - for a much lower price!

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