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Got Cancer! - Bought a Tesla....

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

So ya.... I have Kidney Cancer and This post is to thank #ElonMusk for building the Tesla Model 3 - that helped me through some trying times.

Being told you have Cancer is a kick in the gut. I went quiet and spent many days reflecting on life - all while dealing with one of the most challenging things I have ever encountered.

With surgery slated for Dec 2019, I prepared a Video Will for my family (a paper one too!) and secretly taped a dance with my wife to the music of Ed Sheeran.

My mind was a mess with crazy thoughts - good & bad - but always trying to stay positive. Several months earlier - I joined the gym and started working out everyday. I changed my diet as well. Took in high amounts of vitamin "C" and downed tons of carrots (thanks Terry!).

Not An Exciting Time In My Life. So I Bought A Tesla...

So I ordered a Tesla (online) and six weeks later picked it up - a week before my surgery.

This as my brother-in-law said, is one pleasure we can buy ourselves - so go buy your dream car and enjoy. So out with the aging Range Rover and in with the Tesla Model 3.

What can I say? The car puts a smile on my face every-time I get in it - then drive it. It was what I needed at a time in my life - when I was kicked in the gut.

Thanks Elon Musk!

Got Cancer! - Bought a Tesla
Got Cancer Bought A Tesla
Got Cancer - Bought a Tesla

Tesla Model 3


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